5th Grade

JRGAC – 2018 5th Grade Flag football

*First team named is home

Week1 March 25th @ FZS
2:00pm Troy-A vs FZN-A
3:00pm FH-B vs War-B
3:00pm FZW vs FH-C
4:00pm Wash vs Holt
4:00pm FHC vs FHN
5:00pm FH-A vs War-A
5:00pm FZS vs FZE
6:00pm Troy-B vs FZN-B

Week 2 April 8th @ FZS
2:00pm FHN vs FZN-B
2:00pm War -A vs FH-B
3:00pm FZW vs Wash
3:00pm FH-C vs Holt
4:00pm FZS vs Troy-A
4:00pm FZN-A vs FHC
5:00pm FZE vs Troy-B
5:00pm FH-A vs War-B

Week 3 April 15th @ FZN
2:00pm War-A vs FZE
3:00pm Wash vs FHC
3:00pm FH-B vs Troy-A
4:00pm War-B vs Troy-B
4:00pm FZW vs FZN-A
5:00pm FH-C vs FZN-B
5:00pm FH-A vs FZS
6:00pm Holt vs FHN

Week 4 April 22nd @FZW
2:00pm FZE vs FZN-B
2:00pm FH-C vs War-A
3:00pm FH-B vs Wash
3:00pm War-B vs Holt
4:00pm FZS vs FZN-A
4:00pm Troy-A vs FHC
5:00pm FZW vs FH-A
5:00pm Troy-B vs FHN

Week 5 April 29th @ FZW
2:00pm FZN-A vs FHN
3:00pm War-A vs Holt
3:00pm FH-B vs FH-C
4:00pm FHC vs Troy-B
4:00pm FZS vs FZW
5:00pm FZN-B vs Wash
5:00pm War-B vs FZE

Week 6 May 6th @ FHN
2:00pm FHN vs War-A
2:00pm FHC vs FZW
3:00pm FZN-B vs FZS
3:00pm Holt vs FZN-A
4:00pm Wash vs FH-A
4:00pm Troy-B vs FH-C
5:00pm FZE vs FH-B
5:00pm War-B vs Troy-A


Playoffs are May 13th and May 20th @ FZE
Only the top 8 teams make playoffs